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Alternative & wellness


Adaptive Myotherapy
In our calm and nurturing myotherapy practice in Richmond, our qualified practitioners will make you feel at ease. We focus on a holistic approach where we adapt with you and your needs to create an individualised treatment plan. Your body will respond with amazing results. We use a range of therapy techniques including trigger point therapy, soft tissue manipulation, myofascial release, cupping, thermal therapy, TENS machines, postural assessment & correction to ensure you get results.

Aroma Oil Diffusers
Aroma Oil Diffusers is a Newmarket based business that specialize in high quality essential oil diffusers. We carry a wide selection of oil for different remedies and comfort.

Back2Normal Physiotherapy
Back to Normal Physiotherapy clinic is located in north Vancouver, expertise in physical therapy, custom made orthotics, acupuncture, massage therapy, rehabilitation and injury related treatments. We are using new techniques to provide physical therapy that are helping to find problems quickly. We have private treatment with fully hydraulic healing plinths and treatment machines. You can book an appointment online or you can call us.

Best Air Purifier | Air Quality Index | Humidifier | Stop Polluti
Breathe clean & Healthy air with Treeco air purifier, Reduce air pollution with Hepa & PCO nano technology. Buy Now!

Best Ayurvedic Hospital in Kerala
Sreerudra Ayurveda Hospital, one of the best ayurveda hospital in Alappuzha Kerala, Sreerudra hospital and research centre boasts of state of the art facility with a combination of modern and traditional treatment facilities available to make the treatments effective. The Hospital provides accommodation, treatment, medicines and prepare different types of food specified for the doctor for all its in-patient based on the treatment category and food specification.

Buy tramadol online
Tramadol 100mg helps to treat your physical pain and all acute and chronic pain without giving any side-effects and addiction of pills.

Buy weed online
People who are drunk of cannabis (such as cannabis) might experience impaired focus, efficiency, gap in judgement and also may even make a person lose touch with reality.

Companio - Your Well-being Companion
Companio, a brand of Camex Wellness, has been established with an objective of making the world a pain free place. Thus, we at Companio offer world class wellness products dedicated to relieve a wide range of physical pain.

Is the first, herbal supplement working by suppressing appetite through its novel mechanism.

Downtown Health and Physiotherapy
Downtown Physiotherapy helping you to recover from a past injury and to get your body to work seamlessly. Our services includes, physical therapy, custom-made orthotics, acupuncture, massage therapy, rehabilitation and related treatments, skin tightening, active rehabilitation, and post-surgical rehabilitation.

Graston Technique
If you are suffering from leg pain, whiplash, shoulder pain, tennis or golf elbow, hip pain, hamstring injury, or foot pain, Physicians Plus Chiropractic & Sports Rehabilitation will create a treatment plan for your road to recovery. Whether your injury is old or new, acute or chronic, our Active Release Technique and Graston Technique is designed to address it all so that you can get back to enjoying your life, pain-free.

Halton Chiropractic Clinic
Halton Chiropractic offers various forms of chiropractic care and massage therapy in Oakville including physiotherapy, acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reflexology, and Reiki. Our doctors have many years of practical experience in the chiropractic industry and treating physical injuries. The goals of our physiotherapy section is to identify and maximize their ability to move and function throughout their daily life. Patients won't need a referral to book an appointment.

Health Mutant
We are here to help you in your pursuit of health and fitness. For any information regarding health feel free to visit.

Marijuana Seeds Suppliers
The marijuana seeds suppliers provide psychoactive drug from the Cannabis plant drugs that induce calmness and soothe pain. Try and treat yourself with recreational or medical marijuana. Enjoy the euphoria!

Move Well MST
Move Well MST Clinic provides a variety of services including Hyperbaric Chamber Oxygen Therapy, Musculoskeletal Therapy and Body Psychotherapy. Hyperbaric chamber oxygen therapy raises the level of oxygen in the blood plasma. This means a higher amount of oxygen is delivered to the brain, body tissues and organs. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy therefore promotes relaxation, increases stamina and endurance, stimulates the body's healing processes, thereby helping the body into a state of balance.

Online Modafinil
Modafinil 200mg is as effective to boost up your energy and increase concentration.

Physio Connect
Physio Connect is the place to turn to for all your physiotherapy and rehabilitation needs. We have highly qualified staff that will provide you with the highest standard of treatment to ensure full and quick recovery, in the most comfortable manner possible. Our five clinic locations on the North Shore of Auckland all deliver top-notch clinical care and customer service to our many satisfied clients.

Spa Ayurda
Recently honored by the World Luxury Spa Award for the Best Ayurvedic Spa in Oceania, Spa Ayurda is Auckland's premium luxury day spa that brings an entirely new dimension to the spa experience using the ancient healing powers of Ayurveda to combat the stress and strain of modern lifestyles. Indulge in a synergy of gentle techniques and exotic ingredients, customized for your unique body type.

Walk In Clinic - Private GP London
The City Walk-in Clinic provides a high level of medical care in the City of London. The company is owned by the prestigious Harley Street Health Centre Group which was founded in 1998. Set in modern premises designed by Paul Crowe, the clinic is furnished to a high specification and employs highly trained doctors who are focused on patient choice and excellence in care.

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Classical Herbs and Acupuncture Provides the Chinese Herbal Medicine Miami Needs for Superior Health The Chinese herbal medicine Miami turns to for help with health challenges has a legendary history of restoring people back to better health and for keeping people healthy. Chinese herbs are effective on their own or in combination with professional acupuncture.

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