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Alternative & wellness


Agni Natural Clinic
At Agni Natural Clinic, we thoroughly believe that Ayurveda has the strength to make the world a better place and helps people recover from any medical condition that they may be encountered with.

Ayurvedic and effective natural antifungal cream for skin
Get the best ayurvedic natural cream for fungal skin for a various common fungal infections that helps to inhibit the growth of micro-organisms. Order now..!

Blindfold Challenge
A gurgaon boy seeing with his eyes Blindfolded. Yes, Max can do it with because of his power of meditation. Explore more at our site.

Buy Ayurvedic Products Online | Ayurvedic Medicines
Buy Ayurvedic Products Online, Medicines, Herbal Products At Andariki Ayurvedam Online Store at the best price. Andariki Ayurvedam Offers the best ayurvedic medicines and health care products at most reasonable prices.

CBD Guide - CDB Facts - CBD Information
CBD Guide provides cbd research, hemp facts, cbd nutrition, and cbd products for health, wellness, and healing.

CBD Gummies For Pain & Stress
Holy Chews CBD gummies are enriched with ZenaCan, a superior CBD-rich extract derived from hemp. They are perfect for busy executives, high performance athletes and creative artists who need to stay calm to remain productive.

Cannabis Online | Vancouver Weed | Online Cannabis Dispensary
Buy the best cannabis online! We always have the best quality products. Pre Rolled Joints now available. Shop now and get various discounts!

Cannabis Tour, Cannabis Grow Tour
With a fast Google search, you can discover a wide range of Cannabis Grow Tour. Perhaps you aren't a smoker yourself, nor are you taken by way of life either, yet if you are great with numbers, you can't deny the business potential in legitimate Cannabis Tour and auxiliary organizations.

Coventry Chiropractors
Everyone can benefit from professional chiropractic care. Since nervous system stress and poor lifestyle choices can cause a variety of detrimental health effects, we encourage you to incorporate lifestyle habits that improve health. Our goal is to future-proof your well being by providing the right care and education in your lifelong pursuit of optimal health.

East coast physiotherapy
East coast physiotherapy welcomes our patients with great pleasure. We assure you personalised care by treating each individual as a whole person and not just as an injury.

Hawthorne Chiropractic
We have been delivering quality chiropractic care to Hawthorne and the wider Brisbane community since 2002. Hawthorne Chiropractic is a family friendly clinic with a focus on gaining and maintaining the health of our clients.

Hemp Flower
Clone Connect is a group of hand selected licensed, professional hemp cultivators and manufactures offering quality products across all of your hemp needs.

IIAHP Therapy Center
IIAHP Institutes Provides Therapies For The Children Of Age Group 2 to 17 Years Old. We provide affordable therapies for Special Children.

Kind Alternative Dispensary
Kind Alternative is committed to maintaining high standards for product quality, customer service, and business practices. We require testing for all products and make the results easily accessible for your information. Our budtenders take the time to provide a unique one-on-one experience each and every time you visit our store. We aim to be your first choice for medical cannabis in the state of Oklahoma.

Male Enhancement Pills Supplements, Best Male Performance Pills
We offer natural & safe vitality supplements for male performance enhancement & butt and hip enlargement products for women delivering all over the world.

My Food Intolerance | FitDNARX
Could my food intolerance be an allergy? A food allergy is unlike a food intolerance. When you have an immediate reaction with symptoms such as hives, swelling of the throat or severe gastrointestinal issues, that's tends to be more of an allergy. If you feel tired or bloated later in the day a few hours after a meal, that is more likely a food intolerance.

Physiotherapy centre in IndiraNagar
Spectrum Physiotherapy centre in Indira Nagar, We have Qualified, Experienced and dedicated male and female physiotherapist available for your better recovery.

Shockwave Healing
At Shockwave Healing, We promote the next generation of healing through Acoustic Wave Therapy. We help implement integrative medicine & regenerative therapy training and aid you in demand creation at your clinic. Check our website to know more.

holistic therapist | life coach India | angel therapy
Anjana's Shamballa a holistic therapist and life coach providing services like angel therapy, Reiki, EFT, and Bach Flower. She is a certified practitioner.

wholesale kansa wands, kansa massage tool
We provides Kansa Face Wand an Ayurvedic Facial Tool. The kansa wand is cherished because it is said to balance the three Doshas, the Vata (Air), Pitta (Fire), and Kapha (Water). Doshas are energies in the body, and their alignment is key in influencing overall health. We provide Ayurveda Facial Tool. This holistic practice of harmonizing the mind and body is something that has been tried, proven, and true for thousands of years in Ayurveda to boost energy and healing.

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