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Animal Acupressure
The Pioneers in Animal Acupressure Resources since 1990. Tallgrass has created animal acupressure books, manuals, meridian charts, videos, acupoint apps, and extensive Home-Study and Hands-On workshops. We are constantly expanding our products to increase everyone's knowledge of animal acupressure. Our intent is to provide the best learning tools to give animal guardians, trainers, and healthcare practitioners access to the powerful healing modality of Animal Acupressure.

Animation and Comics
A motion comic (or animated comic) is a form of animation combining elements of print comic books and animation. Individual panels are expanded into a full shot while sound effects, voice acting, and animation are added to the original artwork.

Book writing assistance
Do you generally fantasise about becoming an author? Through our “Book Writing Assistance,” your fantasy will be realised as expected. You have so many ideas but can't express them? Writing a book requires creative thinking, courage, and determination, especially when it comes to independent publishing. When independent publishing becomes your way, you must have an industry insider in your corner.

Children's Book courses by Luthie M West
The name, Little Cabbagehead Books, was born from a comic strip I began, Cabbagehead and the Wizard. From this comes my mascot, Murrietta, as seen to the left. Perhaps I will renew that comic sometime.

Comic Club
Comic Club is a comic book webshop, where the customers can sign up for a Comic Club membership, which gives the customer the privilege to buy comic books at purchase price, rather than the normal prize.

Curious Book Co
Curious Book Co designs and produces high-quality notebooks, journals, and diaries. Our dynamic setup means you can create an exclusive product tailored exactly to your specifications. Whether you're looking for 10 or 10,000 we can fulfill any order! With 100s of combinations available to make your notebook a perfect match for your brand. We offer free quotes and mockups within 24 hours across the UK and New York City.

Ghostwriting Founder
The Ghostwriting Founder is the Best Ghostwriting agency in the USA.

Joseph Woodward Stories
Joseph Woodward, amazon author has a diverse experience in writing copies for a variety of products and services before turning to biographical fiction stories.

Must Read Books Of All Time
Check out our collection of the must-read books of all time is for those who would like to read some great classic books. These books are jam-packed with compelling stories that will capture your heart and spirit. There is no doubt that these books are some of the most influential as they have featured in numerous top 100 lists over the years.

My Wonderful Nightmare by Alma Lightbody
Erin finds true purpose as she courageously steps forward to share what she learns from life and consciousness-altering experiences. A diagnosis of ovarian cancer at thirty-one throws Erin's body into crisis but it becomes a time of enlightenment for her soul. As she faces The Beast head-on she uses her journals as a form of therapy and through the process of fearless self-disclosure her true purpose begins to awaken from within.

Publishing company in india
Clever Fox Publishing is a hybrid publisher that provides the best publishing, distribution, and marketing support for Authors and Institutions.

The Abduction of a Mind by Jack Weaver
It is a journal of a couple's fifteen-year journey along the trial of Alzheimer's. Every excursion into the unknown of this disease is unique, and author Jack Weaver shares an account that will be different from any other you will read.

The Bear Can Read
How Phonics Guide for Parents Help Children Learning Process Get a book subscription for kids and help your little one learns to read. For making the process interesting for them, you can get our phonics guide for parents and help your child with your best approach. Using our best material, including phonics worksheets and more, you can inspire them to read.

The Birds Still Sing by Grace Tallman
The Birds Still Sing: My Journey of Resilience Through Postpartum Depression is an invaluable and inspiring read for anyone who is struggling to re-discover meaning and purpose in life after a devastating experience. Readers will be riveted by the bold, real-life account of a young mother who plunges into the depths of darkness and emerges as a stronger, more grounded person.

The Secret Empress
Joe Wilder is focused on turning a successful bodybuilding career into a billion-dollar international health and fitness conglomerate. He thinks he's safely left behind his dangerous past as a CIA field agent—except for nightmares about gunfire, screams, and holding the lifeless body of a boy he cannot save.

Vision: Going To The Next Level
The purpose of this manual is to identify and define some of the roads, opportunities, and options and to help the reader, through a planned program, to reach his/her destiny. Without regard to the individual, everyone seeking success needs a vision and a plan.

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