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Appu Series - Children Rhymes
Appu Series creates children's content in all media imaginable. - Animated videos for over 16000 minutes, covering a range of topics - Books in over thousands of titles -- bilingual and easy to read -CDs, DVDs and more offline media. -Activity packages for children and more. Appu Series aims to add value to the educational supplements in every way possible.

Because It's Wrong: Bullies vs. Nazis by Lydia Greico
The book was written as a teaching tool and talks about all the reasons for bullying, going into depth and showing incidents of bullying. It discusses who gets bullied, why people get bullied and the possible solutions to bullying.

Book | Anna Quindlen | Masterpiece | Happy Guide
Happy Guide is dedicated to providing information about the book "A Short Guide to a Happy Life" by Anna Quindlen.

Family Trip To Magical Madagascar and Beyond by Nicki Geigert
A story of a family trip to Madagascar and Zimbabwe with photos and events, as well as traveling in those countries. Family Trip To Magical Madagascar and Beyond captures the fun memories that the family enjoyed in Madagascar and, at the same time, shares to readers the unparalleled wonder of the island country.

Home - Jzonay Reitz
Jzonay Reitz explains about how she came to write the Alaska books. Shortly after the beginning of this century, Jzonay's father, LeRoy Belshee, gifted her rough draft of a manuscript. It was written by the man in his grandfather's generation whom her family referred to as “Uncle Bert.

Jungle Rules Trilogy by Paul Shemella
Jungle Rules is the first book in a planned trilogy about a small group of retired SEALs who fight for justice. They work undercover for three-letter government agencies against great odds. The missions depicted in Jungle Rules - and those books to follow - are quite realistic in terms of what well trained operators can do in the field.

Planners - Wordsworth Planner | Your Personal Goal Planner
Planners from Wordsworth planner- a daily, weekly planner, it increases productivity by organizing your life goals. All-in-1 appointment calendar, journal and daily organizer to find the beauty in your chaos and build your best self today!

Revitalize Book | Revitalizing America
The revitalize book in America is committed to making changes one step at a time. It is both a declaration against our government and a revolutionary action to take back the government.

Steamy Books- Romantic Fiction
Steamy Books is a company that publishes imaginative and insightful romance fiction books by author Debbie Ellis.

The Bible Was Not Written In English - David D Murdoch
With his book “The Bible was not Written in English,” Murdoch hopes to erase the confusions caused by the mistranslations and encourage believers to a deeper study of the Bible by digging into the original manuscripts, so they can better understand God's overall plan.

The Color of Love by Raymond Quattlebaum
The Color Of Love is a book of poetry. At the same time, it's a book of romance. Love is the most Powerful Emotion in the Universe. God is Unconditional Love. We are the offspring of God's love in human reality.

The Writer's Gallery
The Writers Gallery is a trusted publishing and marketing firm that focuses on innovating strategies to help budding and professional authors. From publication to digital and traditional marketing, every author will get personalized service.

The Writer's Villa
The Writer's Villa is a wholesome place for young and upcoming writing talents, However, The Writer's Villa provides you with phenomenal opportunities to showcase your work, we already comprised of over 150 highly skilled writing experts. We provide a stage to the blooming poets. We organize several writing contests and open mic nights. Record with Us provides an opportunity to record you work in your own voice. We also provide online publishing opportunities.

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