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CLTS global MDG status
CLTS Foundation focuses on igniting a change in collective hygiene behaviour, which is achieved through a process of community-wide action stimulated by facilitators from within or outside the community.

Care Fundraising Supplies
Charity Fundraising and promotional products. We have great idea's for your charity event and was to raise money for your charity or promote your brand.

Children's Home Care In Atlanta
Deserving Peace International is an orphanage providing loving, attentive care and life skills training for orphans and neglected Muslim and non-Muslim children.

FAIR Task Force
The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) is a national, nonprofit, public-interest, membership organization of concerned citizens who share a common belief that our nation's immigration policies must be reformed to serve the national interest.

Free Volunteering Abroad
RCDP International offers meaningful and exciting volunteer abroad opportunities with World’s Most Affordable Volunteer Program Fee in over 13 countries.

Global Punjabi Association
Global Punjabi Association is one of most popular community of punjabis . The Baisakhi can be as particular to the Hindus, since it is made for Sikhs.

Guide to Donating Your Car
A charity that uses a donated vehicle for transportation or hauling goods obviously benefits directly from such a donation. To know more details about Car To Charity and Donate Your Car, visit us.

Helping Children in Africa
KiteChild supports orphanages that adopt a hands on approach to child care. Orphanages face many that threaten the well-being and healthy development of each orphaned child; KiteChild aims to help its members overcome some of these challenges.

Jamnalal Bajaj - Humanitarian, Freedom Fighter, Philanthropist
Established in 1977, in the memory of Jamnalal Bajaj, a humanitarian, freedom fighter, philanthropist, social reformer and a close associate of Mahatma Gandhi (Gandhi called him his 'fifth son'), the Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation strives to serve the ideals to which Jamnalal Bajaj had dedicated his life and promotes the kind of Gandhian constructive activities in which he himself was deeply involved during his life-time. The foundation also instituted Jamnalal Bajaj Awards.

Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund
MMBF (Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund) is an internatonal fund set up to support young people with an interest to follow a career in the film industry or aspiring pilots.

New York State Elks Association
New York State Elks Association provides community service & volunteer opportunities with non profit organizations & youth organizations in Albany NY. Call now!

Pakistan Civic Education
Pakistan election information portal is where you can get precise knowledge about Election history of Pakistan, Voters training program & Citizen Rights in Pakistan.

Problem with Landlords
Get information tenant dispute activity and problem with landlords, bad tenant database, rental problems. Tenants had to be evicted according to a court order, and i was forced to agree to a reduced rent agreement until they are required to leave.

Returned and Services League
Returned and Services League. It is a league where in you can have a good experience on service. It can also have a good security here.

Sterling Lotteries | Charity Fundraising
Sterling was formed in 1982 by Eddie Dixon and the company was originally involved in the development of databases and associated services for a range of companies in the North West of England.

Vermiculite in Mexican Industry
There are many people out there who are wondering just why vermiculite is used in the Mexican industry shipping industry. This is actually a name that is very resounding in the shipping industry and in the past there have been many concerns regarding using this material when shipping things.

Warren Kusumoto Must Go | Warren Kusumoto
Attend the next City Council Meeting and request that Los Alamitos Mayor Warren Kusumoto must be removed from the City Council.

charity donations
You can help support the work of the Sympathy Charitable Trust by making a donation today. We help ordinary people raise extraordinary amounts of money for causes they care.

cookie dough fundraising ideas
Cookie Joe has become one of today's most popular fundraiser ideas. Cookie Joe Fundraisers are the best way for schools, sports, and non-profit organizations to raise money, quickly and easily.

women empowerment
This Women's Empowerment Project is usually a shared-learning group intended for person enterprisers, person empowering in addition to can easily command.

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