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Asheville Tea Party
Our purpose in forming Asheville Tea Party (ATP) is to provide an organizational foundation for the execution of projects that advance our core values; those being specifically: the promotion and preservation of individual rights, Constitutionally-limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets. We are a non-profit 501C4.

Building Campaign
Help Makor Chaim to build our new campus which dedicated in memory of Naftali, Gilad and Eyal. Makor Chaim - Choose Life.

CLTS global MDG status
CLTS Foundation focuses on igniting a change in collective hygiene behaviour, which is achieved through a process of community-wide action stimulated by facilitators from within or outside the community.

Children's Home Care In Atlanta
Deserving Peace International is an orphanage providing loving, attentive care and life skills training for orphans and neglected Muslim and non-Muslim children.

Diabetes Foundation
California Diabetes Foundation is a Southern California based non-profit organization, established with the aims of creating awareness of the emerging national epidemic of the new millennium - Diabetes among the general population.

DryScene is an platform surrounding non drinking/becoming teetoal - where our aim is focus on fun and not what is in the class. At DryScene we host a variety of non-drinking events at non alcoholic restaurants and booze free bars. Along with supplying news and articles on mocktails London, Wine for pregnant women and low alcohol wine and beer. If you would like more information please visit our website.

Fountain Lake
The community is named for a former estate on the southern edge of the area. The location is directly off of Highway 7N, across from Fountain Lake Center and can be identified by a large stucco entrance gate and a long tree-lined drive. The property contains remnants of a large home, barn, and other out-buildings. A small lake with an ornamental fountain are intact. The property is privately owned.

Machado Foundation - Live Kidney Donation
Machado Foundation, a non profit organization dedicated to educate, inform and inspire those affected by kidney disease and brought awareness and kidney health education to thousands of people.

Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund
MMBF (Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund) is an internatonal fund set up to support young people with an interest to follow a career in the film industry or aspiring pilots.

Organization with an aim to eliminate Kidney Failure
If you are seeking place to donate your kidney then you are most welcome in our organization. Your decision can save the life of a patient who has Kidney Failure. Your one sensible decision can be turning point for another.

Pakistan Civic Education
Pakistan election information portal is where you can get precise knowledge about Election history of Pakistan, Voters training program & Citizen Rights in Pakistan.

Patients suffering from cystic fibrosis in the USA
The Take A Breather Foundation is a non- profit charitable foundation aims at fulfilling the wishes of children and even their family suffering from cystic fibrosis.

Punya Points: Social Network for Social Activist
Punya Point is the newest social networking platform for social activist & social workers. Join us for free & share your social work with the other and get reward for the same. It is a new online community of the social workers & activist.

Senior Citizen Homes in India
We help senior citizens lead active lives through various productive ageing and social support services.

Tree Plantation & Reforestation in Luxembourg | The Tree Hub
The Tree Hubs come forward to support tree plantation project by running tree plantation contests, & offering tree planting games online! Join our Community!

Warren Kusumoto Must Go | Warren Kusumoto
Attend the next City Council Meeting and request that Los Alamitos Mayor Warren Kusumoto must be removed from the City Council.

Works of Life
Works of Life is a non-profit, non-denominational faith-based charitable organization that provides charitable works for other like minded organizations in the form of endowments, grants and much, much more. Our clients range from social service agencies to private non-profits, hospitals and more importantly individuals with special needs including victims of crime, those with physical challenges and victims of discrimination.

Works of Life charity
Millions at some time in their life develop a collecting passion. Comic books and original comic book art, valuable coins, vintage NES games, antique furniture, sports memorabilia, Star Wars figures, music instruments, stamps, classic cars, you name it. Unfortunately there comes a time in almost every collectors life when their passion fades. Most wonder what to do with the collection now. Thousands have discovered our charity as a unique way to help others and themselves.

cultures of tiger
If you want see the different type cultures of tiger then you can contact us or visit our website for online booking. TBT are organising festival for see the cultures of tiger by the help of tribals.

women empowerment
This Women's Empowerment Project is usually a shared-learning group intended for person enterprisers, person empowering in addition to can easily command.

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