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Issues & nonprofits


American Equine Awareness - Horse Rescue, Equine Advocacy
Stop horse slaughter. Horse rescue. Equine protection.

Empowering Youth
Shining Youth Foundation (SYF) was registered on 19th March 2017 in Agra and this organization is working for youth empowerment & development since its foundation. The aim of organization is to help youth by organizing conceptual events for them all with a charity cause.

Volunteer at child help foundation
Support, volunteer or donate money to charity to help the Ngos in giving a brighter future to children who have been protected from child labour and child abuse.

Women and Families Empowered
Women and Families Empowered introduces new ideas into real community difficulties.

female entrepreneur groups | Tanishka Foundation
Tanishka is a peer to peer women's network working on empowering women at the individual, household and community level. The network works through forums which becomes a universal platform for women to work together and assures them of emotional, physical, and financial security.

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