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Android Apps Development Company Noida
Getting android app developed from a professionals is one thing but getting it developed from the company who are dealing only in this particular field and with experienced developer gives something unique.

Big Data Design Implementation Services
Big Data Design Implementation Services help your organization with great cost, improved efficiency, embracing agility & also help to improve quality of services.

Business Powerpoint Presentation Service
Powerpoint Geek offers the best Powerpoint Presentation Service for business growth & corporate use to make your tasks easy by building a convincing powerpoint slides for your clients.

Business chat app | Team collaboration app
Connect is a communication and chat app built for businesses. You can keep everyone on the same page and in the same workspace with Connect's inbuilt Employee Directory, Group Chat, Direct Message, Call, File Sharing, News Feed, Tasks, and more.

Cloud Based Resident Care Plans
Save your company time, money and a whole lot of paper with Skynet's Cloud Based Resident Care Plan App. Going green has never been easier. Access a resident's file instantly on the HIPPA compliant care plan app. Look up medications, service plans, medical files and more.

Crowdfunding platform script | Fundraising software and platform
Crowdfunding platform is a Kickstarter Clone Script that enables you to create your own reward based Crowdfunding script website, where fundraisers can create an unlimited number of projects and the backers who fund the projects are rewarded when projects are fully funded. Our Fundraising software is able to provide all your needs with our pre-made solutions or ability to add and customize new features as per your requirements.

Face Recognition
Looking for best and secure face recognition software? We are here to offer you best face recognition software with 100% accuracy. Here you will get high quality Images so you can easily recognize present member on event. Browse us today.

Field Eagle Custom Software Solutions
Mining companies struggle with major challenges: operational safety, regulatory compliance, market volatility, environment, financial and employee risks. Field Eagle is the ideal mining software for managing these risks faster, simpler and smarter and is a proven solution with customized configurations so it meets your unique needs. We are the top choice for health and safety management system software.

Gofer - Uber for X
Gofer is the best Uber clone script with the concept of connecting people in different fields who demand and offer the booking services. Gofer is available in both iOS and Android mobile Apps.

Google Wallet Customer Service
Online solution for transfer money using Google customer service where Google wallet service provided by Google and when anybody face any trouble to receive money or transfer any where from the customer source.

How mickey mouse came to our lives with 2D character animation
The right software will make your landing in the field of 2D character animation an easy and smooth ride. Contact us and take your business to new heights with us.

JON VAUGHN - A Technology Professional
Jon Vaughn is the software developer working with a wide range of specialists. Along with many of his qualities, he also understands almost every programming language and all major development concepts.

Naturewalk Products
Feel the fragrance of NatureWalk waft through your phone screens. Scented handmade soaps crafted with pure love, we are all about a rejuvenating experience.

Point to Point & Video Confidence
VITEC has built years of expertise in design of solutions for decoding, converting, archiving, recording, encoding, transcoding, and IPTV solutions for desktops and mobile devices. VITEC has forged a firm reputation as a video streaming solutions provider. A broad customer base trust VITEC's media and video solutions : communities, professionals from telecommunications, transport, education, medicine, defense.

Selekt is a chat based interactive assistant that helps in finding products suiting your needs. Based on your requirements, Selekt recommends a list of products with the features, specification, application etc.

Senior Software Agency Provider of Software solutions
Our systems are used by companies from the country and abroad, with distribution, production, retail, services, in areas such as FMCG, building materials, pharmaceuticals, equipments and others. Our knowledge translates into best practices and personalized flows embedded in specialized solutions for sales and marketing, management, production and logistics, reporting and analysis.

Skype Recovery Passwords +1-855-676-2448
Our team is well experienced to assist a different kind of people in different ways. Our assistance comes through phone, mail, and chat, where a customer can contact us to fix their problems in any given mode. We fix most of the problems in general by taking remote access of the client's computer to ensure no trouble to the client.

Thoughtmaqers Technologies
ThoughtMaQers is an internet technology company offering computer vision technology, application development, digital marketing services, advanced analytics and enterprice resource management. Our vision is connecting all walks of life.

Visitor Management System | Tracking Software | Registration
Visitor management system captures the details of visitor such as vehicle details, item of carrying etc. Residents also have the access to update their tenant information. Also get notification on your mobile whenever visitor check-In.

Web-based Medical Billing Solution
Talluri Technologies is an efficient, Cloud-based Medical Billing solution designed for physician practices and medical billing professionals with easy to use Accounts receivables and Patient Billing management features.

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