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Alternative & wellness


All 4 Natural Health - Attaining Good Health Naturally
A guide on natural health information, detailing simple, effective and natural ways to deal with various health conditions as well as to attain good health. Also includes information on natural remedies, supplements and herbs.

Ananda Marga Wellness Center
Located on the tropical island of Cebu, Philippines, AM Wellness is a detox health center (also called a natural health farm or natural health resort) using holistic healing and natural therapy to overcome disease and achieve total health and well-being. We also teach our students the keys to life-long health through the practice of yoga, meditation and vegetarian diet.

Bacterial Vaginosis - Natural Therapy
Bacterial Vaginosis is a womens health issue. It is caused by change in pH levels of the vagina caused by bad bacteria. This site pinpoints the causes and identifies easy natural remedies that can be implemented at home for almost immediate results.

Divine Health and Healing
Information on finding your healing miracle in native medicine, through spirituality and natural medicine, including prayer, meditation, and relaxation for health and healing.

Extraordinary Transformations - K2 Incense
Selling a wide range of meditation products and incense to include the K2 Summit, K2 Blonde, K2 Pink, K2 Citron and K2 Standard incense blends.

Free Meditations
What if simply lighting a candle could attract money, love or miracles to you? Would you do it? Tori Hartmans Intention Candle Kits open new opportunities and lead into the life you deeply desire. From finding your soulmate to attracting prosperity and wealth, Toris Intention Kit comes with a powerful booklet which contains Toris secrets and offers you the hidden knowledge that Hollywood celebs have paid thousands for.

Green Living Everyday
Going green has never been easier with our abundant selection of eco-friendly and sustainable products. Our store makes every day Earth Day, offering top quality products for you, your family and your surroundings that are beneficial to the planet. Weve got organic clothing, organic baby products, composting products, natural remedy products and dozens of ways to create an earth-friendly home and much more.

Handmade candles to lighten up your home
There is always something special with hand made candles. These candles have great aesthetic value. Every candle is a wonderful addition to your decoration theme and brings light to the room even in daylight. Candle has also got an importance during the meditation.

Healthy Heart Meditation
Learning how to meditate and breathe is one of the best things you can do for your heart. Being heart-centered is a healthy way of living.

Learn What You Can Do With Ebooks For The Nook
Could you use ebooks for the nook on health? The nook is one of the leading systems for displaying e-books. Do you have a nook now or do you want to get one? Have you always wanted to know more about nutrition? E-books on natural remedies are now a leading nook e-book seller. Discover how to eliminate illness by changing your body from acid to alkaline.

Meditation helps to improve your quality of life and treat various psychological issues related to anger and stress management. Listen to Pod Casts of Dr. Robert Puff, Licensed Clinical Psychologist to improve these issues.

Meditation Courses
Madhyamaka Buddhist Centre offers many meditation courses for beginners and advanced practitioners. Learning to meditate helps maintain a peaceful happy mind that is free from stress and worry.

Natural Remedies Using Mangosteen
A guide on natural remedies using mangosteen for minor illness and ailments with tips on antioxidants, diabetes, arthritis and much more.

Phuket Meditation - Visualization, Meditation, Tai Chi and Chi Kung
Enjoy Meditation, Visualization, Taiji, Chikung, health and relaxation on wonderful Phuket Island.

Power Learning Plus
Specialists in providing home based programs to address learning with disabilities, comprehension problems, hyperactivity attention deficit disorder, adhd natural remedies, attention disorder, iep help and parent teachers.

Meditation Therapy: Innovative self-help by an experienced UK psychiatrist. Access an inner world beyond language and thought and tap your infinite potential today.

Stop Excessive Sweating
If you suffer from excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis, there are natural remedies to help you stop excessive sweating of the underarms, palms, face and general body. Stop sweating and start living!

The New Light Spiritual Center
Wedding services, funerals and memorials, spiritual counseling, a wide variety of meditations, including Zen (Zazen) and Kabbalah, and spiritual-related presentations and seminars.

Uses of herbs
Provides all the information on herbs and spices like list of herbs, healing herbs, natural remedies, uses of herbs and herbal products.

Virtuality Studio Reiki and Meditation
Virtuality is a Chicagoland Reiki and meditation studio that offers both Reiki and distance Reiki as well as Reiki charged meditation videos and mp3s. We also have Reiki charged vision boards, visualizations and spiritual books.

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