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Atlanta Divorce Attorney
Based in Atlanta, Georgia, The Manely Law Firm focuses its practice mainly on family law. They have over twenty years of experience in assisting their clients in a wide range of family law matters, including divorce, child custody, child support, modification, paternity, prenuptial agreements, international family law and many other related areas. They have adequate knowledge of local courts and laws to build a strong case for their client.

California Bankruptcy Attorneys - Orange County, Riverside, & Los Angeles
Consumer bankruptcy law firm with offices in Orange County, Riverside and Los Angeles.

Cincinnati Attorneys
The law firm of Minnillo & Jenkins assists individuals and small businesses in consumer and business debt matters. It provides financial guidance and counsel in bankruptcy matters like Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 proceedings. The practice areas of the law firm include foreclosure, getting credit after bankruptcy, and reorganizing the already running business. Additionally, it assists clients in wage and bank account garnishments.

Freehold Lawyer East Brunswick Lawyer Attorney
Our lawyers are known for handling complex matters aggressively with reasonable rates. We are committed to the highest level of service and will do our best to protect your rights. Please enjoy your tour through our website and feel free to call us to discuss any of your legal matters.

Houston Criminal Attorney
The DeBorde Law Firm extends criminal defense legal counsel to their clients with cases pertaining to practice areas of assault and murder, violent crimes, domestic violence, weapons charges, sexual assault, sex crimes against children, prescription drug crimes, and state and federal drug offenses. They also offer assistance in matters of Internet crimes, federal fraud, white collar crimes, juvenile crimes, parole, mortgage fraud and bank fraud, and probation and its violations.

Houston Injury Attorney
Houston based law firm of Davis & Davis provides legal representation to the people in the area of medical malpractice including birth injuries, misdiagnosis, surgical errors, sepsis, pulmonary embolism, brain injuries, nursing errors, delayed diagnosis, and various others. They have a total experience of about forty years in serving victims of accidents, negligent injuries, and malpractice throughout Texas.

Illinois Criminal Attorney
The law firm, Ryan & Ryan represents clients facing criminal charges for license revocation and suspension, drug crimes, sex offenses and juvenile crimes. It also deals with cases related to reckless driving, speeding tickets, drunken driving, hit and run, and driving under revoked or suspended license. The firm assists victims of domestic violence, sexual abuses and assault and battery. It also files motions and petitions against fines, penalties and prison time for juvenile matters.

Injury Attorneys Pennsylvania
The lawyers at Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg and Gifford have an experience of 55 years of proffering high-quality lawful representation to individuals and businesses of several different counties such as Montgomery County, Lehigh County, and nearby areas. These lawyers focus on definite fields of law. Consequently, your lawful matter will be managed by a lawyer who has wide-ranging knowledge with alike matters and is supported by a well-qualified staff.

Kenneth H. Lewis Los Angeles criminal defense attorney
Kenneth H. Lewis is a Los Angeles based criminal lawyer. Lewis is a highly experienced & respected lawyer and He practices cases related to bookmaking, drugs, forfeiture, wiretapping & cyber crimes.

Los Angeles Business Law Attorneys | Los Angeles Employment Lawyers | Felahy & Associates
Los Angeles lawyers at Felahy & Associates focus on employment law, real estate disputes, business law, and personal injury claims throughout Los Angeles, Ventura, and Orange Counties.

Missouri Bankruptcy Attorney
Located in St. Louis, MO, The Law Office Of James B. Day represents clients in a broad range of bankruptcy cases falling under chapter 7 and 13. It undertakes matters related to mortgage fraud, including predatory lending claims. The law firm also offers counsel to small businesses, including sole proprietorships, and limited liability companies and partnerships. It handles landlords and tenants disputes involving drafting and implementation of lease for commercial and residential issues.

NC Criminal Defense Attorney
Located at Charlotte in North Carolina, Law Office of Christopher A. Connelly provides legal services and courtroom representation on matters related to criminal defense trials. Active for over 20 years, the firm handles all areas of criminal law. It is mainly dedicated towards drunken driving, drug charges and traffic violations. It takes up cases of sexual assault and weapon offence besides white collar crimes. Thefts and shoplifting charges come under work area of firm.

New Jersey Personal Injury Attorney
Located in New Jersey, the law firm Rudnick, Addonizio & Pappa PC, brings in experience of more than 40 years in services for various legal matters. The firm deals in family laws, social security disability, personal injury, juvenile and criminal defense matters. It also provides assistance for employee rights, DWI, traffic offenses, workers' compensation, business litigation and real estate issues. The firm offers services to clients in Ocean, Monmouth and Middlesex Counties.

New York Estate Attorney
The New York lawyer, Mitchell P. Sandler is an experienced lawyer representing clients with cases in areas like buying and selling businesses, business formation and contracts, estate planning, estate administration and real estate. Free consultation can be scheduled and clients come from Nassau County and entire New York. The lawyer offers legal representation for matters of real estate planning and administration.

Personal Injury Attorney
The lawyers for personal injuries from the law firm have the required experience to fight for your rights.

Riverside County Attorney
The California based firm, Law Offices of Greg J. Ryan, offers legal services in employment law. It represents clients in all aspects related to employment disputes. It handles cases of professional discrimination on grounds of color and sex. The firm also takes cases of harassment and poor treatment at workplace. It is equally active in area of construction litigation. The law firm stands for individuals in their compensation claims related to construction site injuries.

Rockville Maryland Attorney
The Law Offices of Sari K. Kurland, LLC undertake chapters 7, 11 and 13 bankruptcy issues for clients in Rockville, MD. It helps people facing tax evasion and arrears. The office also offers legal counsel to individuals and businesses seeking protection against creditors harassment along with drafting and implementing loans and debt repayment plans through EMI programs. The firm also assists clients against freezing of bank accounts.

Seattle Tax Attorney
The law office of Lana Kurilova Rich PLLC deals in a broad range of federal and state tax issues. It represents clients involved in auditing and tax evasion matters. The firm also provides assistance in business formation and tax planning services, including wills, trusts, estate tax planning, and wealth transfer planning. It additionally offers full-service accounting and bookkeeping services. The firm undertakes bankruptcy cases.

Stamford Attorney
Joseph J. Colarusso is a former prosecutor with more than two decades of experience in federal and juvenile crimes, criminal law and DUI. His firm is located in Stamford, Connecticut as well as White Plains, New York, and has previously handled cases in drug crimes, sex offenses, white collar crimes, homicide and the like. He even represents those who have multiple charges and felonies in their name.

Washington Criminal Attorney
Located in Kent, Washington, the Law Office of Erik P. Kaeding focuses on a broad range of criminal defense cases. It handles lawsuits pertaining to traffic violation and multiple DUI offenses that include reckless driving, hit and run and child endangerment. The law firm also undertakes various violent crime cases involving murder, homicide, assault and battery, carjacking, possession and trafficking of cocaine, crack and prescription drugs.

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