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Akoda Foundation
We believe that one's capacity to help can only be limited by one's capacity to imagine. Discover how you can help.

Ambedkar Rajaneethi
We got Independence in August 1947. Our constitution which came into existence in January 1950 gave us Freedom, equality and fraternity which are the pillars of democracy.

Bedside Values
Bedside Values is a community created to help educate, support, and connect nurses around the world.

Best Charity Foundation and NGO | Top Charitable Trust in Kolkata
Adeeba Charitable Foundation is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to a number of social causes and is backed up by a team of committed volunteers who play a pivotal role in the welfare of the underprivileged and the helpless.

Best NGO in Noida
The Seva Group Foundation is one of the best NGOs for several causes. Our initiatives include working with the underprivileged, providing necessities and health care and empowering women and girls. We have a strong presence in the communities we serve, and our work positively impacts the lives of those we touch.

Best NGOs of India
We aim to reach out to the underprivileged section of the society and help them to avail education as a tool to get empowered.

Celestial Manna
Celestial Manna is a nonprofit like no other. We know that economic hardship affects people's lives in every area. That's why we recover food, clothing, furniture and household goods to support those who are in dire need.

Domestic Violence Blue Mountains
Do You Need Domestic Violence Support in Blacktown, Blue Mountains, Penrith or Western Sydney? DV West services are provided by women, for women and children.

Eradicating hunger through managed digital platform – Anadhanam
Anadhanam is a digital platform developed to address the global hunger problem by eradicating hunger. The platform brings all the NGOs together with other facilitators such as excess food resources, logistics partners, etc. This helps NGOs as well as government and non-government entities to successfully identify, connect, collect and redistribute excess food among those in the hunger hot spots.

Good to Give
Every year we save our clients thousands of pounds by proactively helping to both increase their income and save them money. And we can do the same for you. Our services can help ensure your organisation continues to prosper, whatever life throws your way. Giving you the freedom to focus on supporting the communities that your charity exists to serve.

Human Welfare Nepal: Pioneering Volunteer Projects in Nepal
Join the best volunteer projects in Nepal with Human Welfare Nepal. Read Nepal volunteer reviews and embark on an affordable Nepal volunteering journey.

Importance of Education
Auroveda Operating Foundation Charitable Trust is a non-profit organization, which empowers women, provides free education for children, provides free healthcare to the underprivileged, rehabilitates refugees, and promotes community well-being. In a country that is constantly in the grip of division, poverty, and oppression, positive changes are not only desired – they are necessary.

In-Vest USA
In-Vest USA is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Columbia that raises funds to distribute free bulletproof vests and equipment to first responders in communities across America.

League of United African American Citizens is a non-profit organization that caters to the plunged Black communities of the country.

Online Gaming Government Panel Seeks To Regulate The Industry
In an industry that is intensely experiencing a need to feel superior because of selfish business matters and the absence of a unified front, the central government is a welcome move, it wants to set up a high-level inter-ministerial task force to bring some order to the online gaming sector. The quickly developing online gaming sector has captured the creative minds of the general public and the Union government for both great and awful reasons.

Satya Shakti Foundation | Best NGO Service in Delhi
NGOs play a critical role in developing society, improving communities and support to underprivileged people. NGO Focus on all the issues concerning human rights, social, environmental and advocacy. Satya shakti foundation help to increase awareness to people improve their health behaviors and child education. A Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)is improving the welfare of the disadvantaged, or representing a corporate agenda and supports people their rights.

Unis corp
We are a non-profit organization founded in 1979 in Los Angeles, California, with a mission to provide support and assistance to those in need.

Voters Education
Global Warming Politics aims to reform Australia's federal government. We strive to educate and convince voters, especially first-timers, to elect deserving independent candidates who can improve our political system. In forming the Independent Political Candidates Association (IPCA), we hope to create a better community for all Australians and turn around global warming. Together with the IPCA, we can address urgent issues affecting our nation that elected candidates have ignored for decades.

Yemen Relief
Yemen Relief is a UK-based charity that works in Yemen to help the needy. Our goal is to alleviate poverty & ease the suffering in Yemen and change peoples' lives for the better.

donation centres near me
The main aim of the school was that these children instead of indulging in anti-social activities could gain knowledge that would be fruitful for their future.

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