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Auditor Dublin
Only Audit provide an expert, value for money audit service to clients all over Ireland. We work with companies, charities, solicitors and grant recipients.

Bluetree charity auction items
BlueTree helps schools and non profit organizations raise money through silent auction ideas, school auction ideas, live auction ideas, and golf auctions as well as providing charity auction items, school auction items, and silent auction items.

Car Donation Program for Kids
Donating a car is the practice of eliminating scrap vehicles for the cause of charity. Car donation to a charity lets you deduct its fair market value from your taxable income. Car donation is required to make a difference in the lives of the poor and disadvantaged children in your local communities.

Cash for empty cartridges
Sell and recycle ink cartridges and mobile phones for cash. Ronells is a recycling company offering money for old mobile phones and empty ink cartridges and empty toner cartridges for charity and cash. We buy and collect empty cartridges and phones. We support recycling, and are based in the UK.

Charitable Registrations, State Charitable Solicitation Requirements
Best non-profit fund-raising strategies and non profit Organization, Charitable Registration in New York, Florida and Washington. Ways to boost your non-profit fundraiser results.

Cremation Urns
Keepsake memorial crystal heart is perfect to hold creation ashes of your loved one. This is a beautiful and unique crystal heart it is made from all naturals materials, crystal, silver and gold. Profits generated will go towards charitable causes.

Donate Your Car To Charity
Yes, you can actually donate your car to charity and then write it off of your taxes. However, you cant just get away with giving a way a heap of junk. The car at least must be able to be towed away if you are going to deduct it. Learn more.

Donating Your Car
If youre thinking about donating a car, there are some lesser-known parts of the tax code for car donations that could triple the value of your tax break. You need to find a charity that will use your car instead of selling it. We list hundreds of charities by state and city that accept used vehicles and other in-kind donations. Give direct and give local to make your used car donation really count.

Golf Hole Sponsor Signs
Our golf tee signs have been being used by golf tournament sponsors for many years. These golf tournament signs help raise money for charities and non-profits across the US.

Green Web Hosting - TheCaringHost
By using hosted powered by The Caring Host you will be doing your bit for the world and charity. The Caring Host gives $2 per month, per client to charity or a non-profit organization.

Lucca Leadership Ireland
Lucca Leadership provides programs transformational leadership which enables young people of all nationalities and backgrounds to discover their purpose, clarify their vision and develop the skills needed to make change happen for the benefit of their communities, nations and ultimately humanity itself. The centre for our leadership development experiences is in Lucca, Italy, but affiliated Lucca Leadership charities also run courses in Ireland, Australia, North America, the UK and South Africa.

Nonprofit Business Solutions
CharityNet USA serves as a National, Nonprofit Resource Center helping charities to achieve their 501c3 status, grants, fundraising and more.

Nonprofit Information
HelpNet USA is an online community that brings together individuals and non profit organizations, encouraging fellowship and empowerment. At HelpNet, individuals who are experiencing times of hardship can seek out the assistance of charitable organizations operating in their local area.

Patriotic Gifts
Products for Good knows that our freedom is not free. As a token of our appreciation, we have a goal of raising $20M to assist charities that support wounded and fallen heroes from the War on Terror.

Peace Corps Alternatives
Global Vision International work with local charities, government bodies and community organizations across the world, helping them to find volunteers to work on a wide range of worthwhile and vitally important projects.

Re-vision is an established yet innovative centre for training and providing counselling and psychotherapy. It is a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) who accredit the counselling training and the psychotherapy training respectively. It is a registered charity established in 1988.

Red Apple Auctions
Red Apple Auctions provides services, training and entertaining auctioneers to schools and non-profits seeking to make more money in their annual fundraising auctions. Learn the best 100 items to sell in your charity auction by downloading our FREE Item Guide.

Sauce World Home
Sauce World providing quality food products from around the world, with 10% of its net profit going to charity. Olive oil, salsa, chimichurri, pesto, and more - all natural and all flavourful.

Vehicles Donation to Charities
Donate your vehicle to Chariot For Charity today! The proceeds of your generous tax deductible donation will go to benefit The Pretty in Pink Foundation.

donate cars to charity
Goodwill car, automobile donations, Washington DC car to charity, donating a vehicle and donate a used cars for charity, our mission is to provide logistical and managerial support to non-profits.

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